Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oooooh nooo...

so my computer crapped out on me.. im really really upset about it. its a macbook. very expensive, very awesome. it had been kinda acting up the past few days, but i was just crossing my fingers that everything would be ok. i think its time to take her to the computer doctor. :( this is the worst possible timing, because tomorrow, bright and early, i get my wisdom teeth taken out. all four of them. and my dentist said the bottom two (not sure why) are a litte unusual, hence difficult. -great.- and i requested off the next four days from work, sooo.. OMG! what am i gunna do without a computer, sitting in my room for the next four days??.. *stressing out* well at least ill have some time to work on my tan.

i dont wanna post any negative posts here. soo to lighten the mood, head on over to the youtube and check out david after dentist, i just hope i'm this drugged up that i feel no pain. yaaay for anestesia!  :)

and since i'm not on my normal computer, i dont have many picture's saved. i hope you enjoy this random shot of my mom walking the cat. :) 


  1. Oh geez, I hope things look up for you and that you recover quickly from the wisdom teeth! If only I were on top of my game, I could have timed the Color Me Happy package as a care package of sorts!

  2. aww that's so sweet melissa :) i think i'll be ok here in a day or two. my cheeks are swollen like a chipmunk but it doesnt hurt anymore.