Friday, July 16, 2010

new and beautiful things

i just love getting new things! yesterday after work i got my package from the color me happy project. i was paired with melissa of oh my darling. i was so excited to dig into the package and see all my fun gifts, that i totally forgot to let the let the dog out. *oops* anyway, grey is my favorite color, so let me share with you all the pretty grey things that melissa sent.
this beautiful light grey chiffon flower clip/ brooch. its so sweet and delicate. <3 and these light grey beads that i think are handmade. cant wait to make something beautiful with them.

this gorgeous mix of beads from the Beadery  Beadazzled. they're so pretty. i absolutely love how they look together. they make me think "a night out on the town."

and this adorable grey dress! so cute and perfect for summer. i can't wait to wear it! i love how the belt cord has little silver beads at the end. sweet little details. <3 

even the wrapping paper was beautiful and grey. with cute little bunnies!! *sqeals*


yesterday before work, i went to meijer and got a bike basket. i live just around the corner from where i work, so when the weather is nice, i ride my bike. i needed a place to put my purse while i ride because it falls off my shoulder sometimes and really freaks me out. and this basket comes on and off so i can carry it around too. pretty cute, right?

im looking forward to getting my macbook back from the shop this weekend!! everyone have a good friday!


  1. Here I was stopping by to say thanks for the kind birthday wishes, and then I see your sweet post about the Color Me Happy gifts, too! So glad that you're enjoying them. I'm looking forward to hearing about what cool things you create with the beads!