Friday, July 30, 2010

the little things

i love the little things in life. here are some things that are making me super happy right now:

a random customer who checked out through my line at hobby lobby gave me this little puppy card. i thought it was super nice. :)

purple pig watering can! :)

this little birdy mirror was a gift from melissa over at oh my darling. :)

this mini journal i keep in my purse. and a pink kneaded eraser! :)

still waiting to see if i'm going to be moving to a bigger house. i already bought this awesome fabric to recover the dining room chairs if we get it. :) *i like to live optimistically*


  1. hehe, so good to live optimistically! Beautiful fabric, I hope you get to put it to good use soon! I have a little journal in my purse, too, but I'm missin' that supercool "kneaded" eraser. Love that!

  2. Loving this list -- what a great customer! Glad you liked the bird mirror, too!

  3. You work at Hobby Lobby??? That's so rad! I would love to work there! :D