Friday, July 9, 2010


i got an email today from megan of Mutual Of Omaha. She invited me to take part in the "Aha Moments" campaign, on behalf of my online business, angie may handmade. which to me, is pretty exciting!! i set up an appointment for tuesday evening to be interviewed on camera for the campaign.  i *REALLY* hope my cheeks have quit being swollen by then... darn wisdom teeth!

in other news, im ALMOST done with my portrait for melissa at the blog melissastuff. i just have to finish up this guy's little hand and ear. what do you think?

and i got this cd in the mail yesterday. i LOVE it! its called "explore" from the artist "M" or Minwoo. you know, the korean popstar that i'm kind of totally in love with?? mmm.. and dont mind the fact that i have no makup i this picture.. ive been hanging around my house in my jammies the past few days with a swollen face, i dont think makup would do a whole lot for me at this point. speaking of which, here's a really really unflattering picture of me with my swollen cheeks. pity party anyone? lol jk.

i'll be hanging out with my oldest niece and youngest nephew tomorrow! which is a great thing, except i look like a monster and i can hardly talk or smile. lol we will see what happens.. ooh and i finished up all my shopping for melissa at oh my darling! i was paired up with her for the color me happy project at Adventures in Love and Happiness. here's a little hint at one of the items! ;) you'll never guess!

you'll love it, melissa!

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  1. Aw, the picture is just wonderful, I'm sure she will love it!

    And the package is turquoise gorgeousness already, I'm sure I will love it!