Friday, July 23, 2010

moss and magnolias wreath

i have a habit of getting a little side-tracked. and i also have a bad habit of adding to my to-do list before i scratch things off. oh well. :]

today i made this.
i already had the wreath form and it was already covered in moss green yarn. it was left over from this project i did back in the spring. i did this after reading Elsie's DIY here on A Beautiful Mess.
the butterflies had faded and fallen apart, so i ripped them off and kept the form for future projects.

i wont get into the instructions for wrapping the wreath form; if you really want to know, click the link above. its just cutting your yarn into 2ft segments (to make it easier) and hot glueing it to the back of the wreath.

to make my "moss and magnolias" wreath, i first cut out the magnolia petals. i used an ivory colored cotton fabric, and made little ovals. the size ranging from silver dollar to quarter.
then, to give it a little personality, i painted the edges of the petals with brown water-color paint. it just gives it a subtle, antique-style stain.
after the water color had dried, i hot glued them together, largest on the bottom, then put button centers on.

then i made little fabric roses, in this context i guess they're more like moss patches. all i did was take three strips of fabric, braid them, then hot glue them into a spiral shape. (if you want to make these roses into brooches or hair things, i would hand sew them into a spiral, rather than use the glue gun)
then i (quickly) made a gypsy moth out of craft cardstock. i used a photo from google images as a reference.
i also used a faux fern that i had gotten at hobby lobby on clearance for 9 cents. it was one of those things where i bought it saying "i don't know if i'll ever use this for anything, but hey, for 9 cents? i can't go wrong.."
i positioned all the parts on the wreath where i wanted them, then glued them down.
i felt like it was missing something, so i added some real moss. reindeer moss, to be exact.
and some ribbons to hang it.
pretty cute, right?? :D i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. <3


  1. these wreathes are so cool! we're settling into a new home, going to try one of these out when we get our space situated a bit!

  2. this is a great diy! i love the wreath! it looks great! lovin your blog as well :]