Friday, July 30, 2010

cupcake time!

wednesday, i decided to make cupcakes. not for any.. special occasion.. or anything.. :-P

i had never made anything from scratch before- i've always used boxed mixes. but i felt like trying something new. i used a recipe from martha stewart for her yellow butter cupcakes. 

they turned out a little dry, but not too terrible. not bad for my first attempt i think. :)


  1. The first time I made a cake from scratch, it turned out kind of dry, too. Maybe there's a secret we don't know about. ;)

  2. I'm commenting on so many things, as I'm catching up on reading. These cupcakes look so cute! Love the papers on them.

  3. This reminds me of a recipe I found a couple months ago and it makes super moist cakes!

    You could probably experiment and combine recipes to make it from scratch and use the ice cream as well... and in cupcake form. =)