Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i'm like a crafting machine!

last night i stayed up until 5am beading. i made three bracelets, a necklace, and a pair of earrings. it took so long because i kept changing my mind and taking things apart. i feel like it's my job as an artist to only sell things that i think are great. not just ok. so if i dont love it, i start over.
one of the things i made last night was this mood bracelet. the beads change color like a mood ring. and i used faux suede cord (i prefer to be animal friendly when i can) and a silver feather charm. I'm going to keep this one for my self, but i intend to make more for the shop.
this morning i made these little flowers out of scraps of fabric. this is my first attempt at this, and i cant wait to make more! i also made a little headband out of the white muslin.
again, this one is mine, but i plan on listing some of these soon. as soon as the sun comes out again so i can take some good photos.

my cat and i goofed off in front of the tripod a little before i made a craft run to the Hob Lob.

my new gray dress came from melissa of oh my darling for the color me happy project. to see what i got her, click here!

to let you in on a little secret, there's gunna be a whole lot of giveaways coming up! as well as one here on my own blog, a few others will be giving away my items also. a necklace, a lavender eye mask, and a shop credit will be given out on others' blogs. mine will remain a mystery for now. ;) i'll keep you posted!


  1. Just found your blog via "Oh, My Darling". I love it! I will just have to start following<3

    xo Lynzy

  2. Aw, your comment on my blog was the sweetest! The dress looks just lovely, I'm glad to hear that your friends agree. Also, that headband is adorable and really brings together the outfit.