Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*a teenybopper moment*

you couldn't tell my looking at me, but i'm really into korean pop music.. *ahem* specifically the group shinhwa and the singer minwoo. *i know it's dorky, but i just don't care!* well, today is minwoo's bithday! =D i feel like a 12 year old, having a crush on a celebrity, and kinda weird that my crush doesn't speak english.. but seriously, look at him. *drools*
all pics from google images
happy birthday minwoo! :]

watch one of my fave videos. its really a beautiful song. give it a chance!

oh, and unrelated,  expect a giveaway here soon!


  1. hi!

    i found your blog through elsie's site.
    pretty great!

    oh.. and i just watched that entire video.. haha
    check me out!

  2. He's definitely a cutie! I like Asian men.(My fiancé is part Thai.) I hope he has a great birthday!! :)