Thursday, July 8, 2010

good news and bad news

ok ill start with the bad news:
  • having my wisdom teeth taken out was just as aweful as i was expecting.
  • my cheeks are swolen up super huge, so i cant talk
  • the lady at the dentist office made me take off my lucky bracelet that my buddhist monk friend gave me 5 months ago (havent taken it off since i got it)
  • i cant eat anything
  • my macbook (aka my-precious-baby-that-means-more-to-me-than-anything)  is broken and i have to wait a week to get it back *screams*
  • the house that my parents and i are looking to move into has a huge mold problem in the basement
but you  know what, im an optimist. bad news doesnt get me down. for real. here's the good news:
  • the worst of my wisdom teeth pain in over
  • my cheek swelling will go down in the next couple days, and its a good excuse to take some time off work
  • my lucky bracelet wasnt too tight, so i could slip it off instead of cut it off (its the embroidery floss kind) and the first thing i did when i regained conciousness was put it back on
  • in a couple days, ill be able to eat whatever i want
  • my dad took my mac in and he agreed to pay $50 to have them save everything on the hard drive (which was nice because my dad's a bit of a penny pincher) 
  • other than the mold, the house we are looking at is awesome and i really hope we get it!!

cant wait to eat food again! mmm..

i love my computer too much to ever rest a mug on it..

here's hoping for a bigger backyard and a walk in closet!
(all found via
let's talk more about this house. right now i live in a tiny house with my parents. tiny tiny. they let me have the biggest bedroom, since they know i have tons of craft supplies and need room to store it and work on it. its still not enough space, though. this house that we are looking at is just about perfect. theres some damage, like holes in walls and broken doors, and or course the mold, but its nothing my family hasnt takled before. my dad buys rundown homes and fixes them up to rent, kind of as a side job. so this should be a piece of cake. its much much bigger, and it has a huge yard. its in a quiet neighborhood, across from a park, and only 5 minutes farther away from my work. lets cross out fingers that the bank accepts our offer!

i havent done anything crafty in a while.. i hate that. i think theres some drawing and sewing in my near future.

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