Wednesday, July 21, 2010

selling myself

I opened my little etsy shop way back in February. I made a little logo and a shop banner and some business cards, and I was a happy girl. At the time, I had ideas of the direction I wanted to go with this. Five months later, I'm starting to see that the plans I have are changing. Not in a bad way, at all, just different. When I opened my etsy shop, I was a little concerned that the items and branding were only featuring one aspect of my personality, which was a problem, since my personal style chances from one day to the next. (one day i wear ruffles and lace, and the next day i wear a t-shirt with dinosaurs on it) Anyway, right now I'm in the process of re-branding by shop and maybe even the blog. I want my whole personality to show through- the fun, the classy, the dorky, and bad-ass sides of me. :D *maybe the bad-ass side and the dorky side go together*

Here is the first step in this process. I made new business cards! *yaaay*
here are the OLD ones:
 i was going for modern with the old logo, but I'm not sure if that really fit the merchandise.

here are the NEW ones!
I really think this design works better with the items in my shop. I use a doily as a prop in a lot of my photos, and I stamp it on my gift bags when I put an order out in the mail. So I used a doily punch to stick with the theme. (as well as make my cards stand out) and I used a hand-written font to stress that my items are handmade by me personally. The pink makes this design more feminine, and I kept the tan and brown colors because I want to keep it natural. What do you think?? Comments? Suggestions?


  1. Oooh... Do you take Graphic Design in college? These are very nice. I'm kind of obsessed with doilies right now (thanks to "dottie angel").

    BOTH are actually very good, though! :)

  2. very pretty cards! love the doily design.

  3. Wow, the new cards are awesome, the doily effect is so unique! That would be neat to mix it up and use both for your business, alternating which color combo you give out. How did you print them? On a special printer of some sort?

    Also, in response to your story of plants and succulents on my post, I'm glad to hear that the cactus and aloe survived! I have a daisy plant that has been hanging on by a thread for months, despite my sporadic watering habits.