Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Beautiful Mess and Siam Orchid

check it out, everyone! i'm on A Beautiful Mess!! My faaavorite blog! i came across elsie's blog 2 or 3 years ago. i work at hobby lobby, and our store sold her "love, elsie" brand scrapbooking products. i fell in love with them, so i googled "love, elsie." and found A Beautiful Mess! i've been reading religiously ever since. <3
elsie is such an inspiration to me. really.

i made these nifty little buttons, so you too can share a link with the world! ;) hehe. copy and paste the code from the left sidebar to your blog. pretty please! :D

and in case you want to know, this is how my day went:

if you recall, i set up a both at the Street Fair in Yellow Springs, OH a few weeks ago. the booths on either side of me were selling Thai merchandise. I thought this was cool because i'm really interested in asian cultures, if you couldn't tell.. anyway, one lady gave a business card, and i emailed her a few times, talking about her shop that she's opening in New Carlisle, OH. well my bff, amber, invited me to go shopping with her today, then mentioned that she would like to check out the store, the Siam Orchid, and i was like, "heck yeah! let's go!" :D the store is even cuter than i had imagined! they have really cool authentic Thai merchandise at greeeat prices. unfortunately, they weren't open yet, (grand opening july 3rd) but the owners were there and let us in to look around and chit-chat. i didn't take any photos, because i thought it would be a little weird of me.. maybe next time?

on my shopping list for next visit:
  • painted mango wood bangle bracelets (its super hard to find bangles that arent too big, and these fit just right!)
  • ceramic essential oil diffuser
  • maybe a ring or a pair of earrings??
i cant wait to go back!