Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chopstick Practice

Today was the first time I used chopsticks in public.

A few days ago, I mentioned that I had learned how to use chopsticks. Since that day, I've been using them to eat scrambled eggs every morning, and at night I practice by repeatedly picking up and dropping a piece of gum. (Hey, it works!) But today was the first time I really put it to the test. I went out to a Viet Namese restaurant with a friend of mine, and I ate the ENTIRE MEAL without a fork! Chopsticks only! GO ME! :D hehehe

Broccoli, peas, carrots, onions, tofu, calliflower, with spices and lemongrass. Mmmm.. <3

I'm so proud of myself.. ^ ^ And it's totally cool how I would several mention people I know, and it turns out my friend knew them too! Small world, for real. And I'm totally excited to find out that my friend listens to Korean pop music too. We were talking about different groups and music videos and all that- finally, I have someone to share my dorky obsession with!  XD

1 comment:

  1. yummmmmmmmm!!!!!! that looks SO amazing!! i am so hopeless with chopsticks... im to hungry to have the patience to use them hehe