Friday, September 24, 2010

Drawing class is my favorite

And that's how it should be, really. I'm an artist. I'm working towards my fine art degree. Drawing class really should be my favorite. My past drawing classes were loathsome, but this one is nice. I really enjoy it. Once we finished with the still life that I mentioned a few days ago, we started drawing figures. Plaster casts of famous sculptures. It's been pretty fun so far. Here is a little peek at the homework I've been doing for that class lately.
 We had to make a little movable figure so we could see how the hips and shoulders align in the contraposto pose. (putting your weight on one leg- kind of casually slouching) I actually made this before he really talked about the assignment, and I ended up making it too small.. So much for being pro-active. :-P  I'll have to do it over. But eh, oh well.

 Some 30-second gesture drawings of people in the library. This was super awkward for me.. I was so afraid people would notice me drawing them, and be creeped out.

 This is the full spread of the page I posted the other day. I added some song lyrics and a crow to the skulls to give it sort of a theme, just because it's my sketchbook and I wanted it to reflect how I myself feel about the skulls. They remind me of Halloween and Taeyang's music video for the song I'll Be There. So I wanted to incorporate my thoughts. <--- if you haven't seen this music vid yet, you NEED to see it ;) one of my favs.

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