Saturday, September 11, 2010

so here's what i got so far

so you may have noticed my recent re-kindled interest in illustration lately. I haven't had much time lately to work on anything, since school started this week, but I did manage to do a little sketch of one of my favorite outfits. You may be familiar with the flickr group Wardrobe Remix. Well I've always liked the group What I Wore Today: Drawing's Only. I'm planning on submitting this. I know it's kind of simple, and not the best thing ever, but I'm still pretty proud of how it turned out.

Live the Dream Life.

 sketchbook version

adobe illustrator version

what do you think? constructive criticism encouraged! :-P


  1. I think they're both great. I love the sketch, especially. You are a really awesome artist! Cute outfit too. :)