Friday, September 3, 2010

My little corner of the world

I love my room. I hate the fact that it's cluttery, but it is my HOME, and the place I spend most of my time. I wanted to let you in and show you some of my treasured little spaces.

Yes, it is 2:25 am when I took this photo. I don't sleep much. I feel like I'm missing out on life.
This is what I got goin on this month. If you can't read it, September 21 says Peace Day.
This is where I keep my jewelry. Some of these things though, I haven't worn in years. I need to downsize my jewelry collection..
I love my owl earring stand. My BFF gave it to me for Christmas last year.
A little handmade dish and "Love" thingy I got from an art store in Tipp City, Ohio. This is where I keep the earrings I wear day to day.
This is my beloved Gemini. She has stumpy legs and a tiny head and a real big belly. Hehehe she's so funny. I love her. <3


  1. I LOVE that you use the expandable hat rack for your jewelry. And the owl earring holder is ADORABLE! Cute room. :)

  2. What a cute room! I love your green walls :)