Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spread the Love Week - Day Six

So today in honor of Spread the Love Week, I did a few little things. Before I went to work, I gathered up four bags of clothes from my closet. A lot of these things were clothes that I really like, but I just don't wear very often. I kept picking out tops and saying, "Oooh I know I bought this six months ago and never wore it, but maaybe I'll wear it sometime later on? In the future? Eventually?" When I had these thoughts, which was a lot, I would imagine a girl rummaging through the racks at the thrift store, seeing my shirt there, and feeling the thrill of a good find. This week is about Spreading the Love. So into the bag it went, and off to the donation box.

I don't miss anything yet.

(Special cameo appearance by my cat, Gemmi. She has a really weird body shape. I love her anyway.)

Also, I brought in some cute little animal stickers to work to hand out to kids who checked out through my line. Godda spread the love to the little ones!

And in the shower this morning, I had an idea of the perfect thing to make for my friend for her birthday! I'll start on it tomorrow. ;) But I can't tell you what it is! It's a surprise!

Last week i bought a sweatshirt at Hob Lob and cut-your-own iron on transfer paper. so i make mysef a korean "I love you" shirt. But I bought the supplies before I pledged to save my money, so it doesn't count! ;)
사랑해요! <3


  1. Awww, I love your sweatshirt and your spreading the love! I have been gone for a couple weeks to (somewhat) warmer climes, and returned to your amazing giveaway clutch and package! I love everything SOOO much! Oh my goodness, I cannot thank you enough! I know that sharing the love week started about a week ago, but you sure started way before then!

    lots of hugs to you!

    p.s. i know you can make it to korea! :)

  2. I seriously got a little teary-eyed whenever you wrote about giving out the stickers to kids at work -- that is so innovative and sweet of you!!! Seriously, the things that you've been doing this week just continue getting more and more inspiring!

    Also, donating all those bags of clothes is so amazing! That was such a thoughtful idea to think about the girl who happens upon great stuff while thrifting. This past spring, I really cleared out my closet (like YEARS worth) and went home to do our neighborhood yardsale with my mom. There was this one really fashionable middle school girl whose face just lit up when she was digging through the bins of, like, $2 urban outfitters things. It was so fun to see!

  3. I love hearing about how everyone is spreading the love this week, and all those thoughtful little gestures that can make someones day.

    I know what it's like to have too many clothes and always be worrying if I will miss them should I get rid of them -- but I never think about the happiness the next person will get from them!

  4. I am inspired cause I totally need to get rid of multiple bags of clothes, for REAL! They are cluttering up my closet and room and I know I'd feel so much better if I would just take them to the goodwill . . . maybe that will be my weekend goal. Also, what a cute sweatshirt!