Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Goal Reached

My whole life, I've wanted to learn how to use chopsticks. This wonder has only grown in the recent months since I've discovered my inner love for all things Korean.

I went to the store yesterday and bought some chopsticks.
I also bought Ramen noodles.
And today I Googled, "How to use chopsticks."

In less than five minutes, I was "choppin' it up" like a pro.
Ok, no, not really like a pro.. *whines* It's haaaard!

But mark my words, I will master these little utensils. *motivated* BAM! hahaha. ;)

It also makes me wonder; how many things are like this in life? How many things do we want to do, but just don't? Even thought a lot of times, it's not even hard to do? How many experiences do we miss out on, just because we never "get around to it?" Let's make a real effort to do these things. It feels so good to finally just do it and get that curiosity off my mind. Kind of peaceful sense of accomplishment. <3


  1. great idea *lol*
    I love these noodles but in Germany we call them worms.