Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peace Day

I'll be honest. My Peace Day wasn't very peaceful. It was busy busy busy.

In drawing class, my instructor noticed the extra effort that I put into my drawing. He was walking by and did a double-take. It was awesome. ;) lol

Then when I got home from school, I went jogging, picked up some pine cones for my room and took a shower. Then I had a late lunch and took a quick nap.

Then it was off to Kohl's. My dad gave me a giftcard and I wanted to use it. I ended up cheating a little on my "no spending money" vow. I had tried to not buy any clothes or frivolous things for a whole month, but I saw these Elle Must Have Camis, and went nuts. See, a year or so ago, I found one of these camis randomly on a rack. I looked to see where it came from but I could only find the one. It was so perfect and so comfy. Great for wearing under everything. I even looked online a few months later to see if I could find more, but I couldn't find them. I told myself that if I ever found these for sale anywhere, I would get one in every color. Well.. I found them. And I wasn't about to pass them up.
I got a grey one, black one, and teal. My giftcard only covered one, so I broke my vow to myself by buying the other two. But honestly, these camis are like heaven. Worth it.

I made some pumpkin muffins for my mom, since Cupcake Wars is her favorite show. She always likes to have cupcakes or muffins on Tuesdays. Apperently, the show wasn't on this week though. Hmm.

My day was pretty non-stop. I had been planning on meditating, taking a hot bath, and writing in my diary. Since it was Peace Day, I wanted to do peaceful things. And I went to the grocery store to buy Annie's Peace Pasta. But they don't sell it anymore!!!! *bursts into tears* T_T

Ooooh well. I got chopsticks and noodles instead. ;) One thing I did manage to do for Peace Day was to clean and vacuum my room. I wanted to make a peaceful space, since my room was a disaster before. I wish I could have done more, but a clean room is good. Can't complain. <3

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