Friday, September 24, 2010


I love to watch TV. I don't get much time to watch it though. Life is so busy busy. I use the DVR a lot so that when I DO have a little free time, I can watch some really good shows, rather than whatever junk is on. This is what I've been all about lately:

The Office <3

Quite possibly the best show on TV. 
I <3 Jim and Pam 4ever.

Today I watched the episode where Micheal makes his own paper company. They had to buy a van and do their own deliveries because they couldn't afford to hire a delivery driver. In one scene, Pam is in front of the van and she says, "We think it says 'Allelujah Church of Scranton' in Korean.. It was either this or an old school bus with an owl living in it."

She's right. Well, it says, "Scranton Allelujah Church," but yeah, same thing. ;) *I'm getting a little behind on by Korean classes since school started, but this weekend I'm planning on doing a little catch-up* I'd also like to say that an owl bus would not have been a bad choice either. Owls are great.

Destination Truth <3

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I LOVE Destination Truth on the ScyFi Channel. The host, Josh Gates, is adorable and hilarious. A good combo. And they go all over the world looking for mythical creatures and ghosts. They rarely find anything of any signifigance, but it's still a fun show. :] The yeti footprint was pretty cool.

Ghost Hunters <3


Yes, this show is silly. Yes, it may all be fake. But yes, I like it anyway. It's kind of a ritual of mine. Every Wednesday after work, I get Taco Bell and watch Ghost Hunters. It's great. <3 I will admit that The live Halloween Show a couple years ago was probably rigged. *so sad* And that kind of made me not like it so much.. But none the less, this show is entertaining and it makes my Wednesdays complete. <3 Cheap tricks and all.

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